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Anti-Cancer Eating – for Autumn & Winter

There is a wealth of research supporting the fact that diet and lifestyle factors make a big difference to cancer risk.  Cancer Research UK suggest 1 in 10 cancers can be prevented by diet changes.
These lunchtime events are designed to give you lots of information and recipes supported by the latest research that shows diets rich in anti oxidants, with good oils and healthy protein reduce the risk of cancers.
And you get a tasty lunch included.

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In this clip from the TV Mustard show we talk about the ‘Anti-Cancer Eating’ events at the Green Parrot in Swaffham that ran on on Tuesday’s 12-1:30 – from 6th June for 4 weeks .
They were well supported & great with a 2 course lunch and recipes demos. + lots of the latest scientific research on foods that can reduce the risks of cancer.

We will run a similar Autumn event so watch this space.

Jane appears on Mustard TV

Jane appeared on Mustard TV.



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